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DPI Tools - Pelotoning

4.4 ( 9664 ratings )
Разработчик DPI Europe Ltd

DPI’s Pelotoning is a corporate engagement app which enables companies to run multiple-user mind-mapping sessions. Its a fresh, pragmatic approach to harnessing your people, accessing their great ideas, identifying opportunities, filtering for success and driving business growth. It can be used by businesses of all sizes to tap into their potential in order to develop world-class strategy and to support the timely execution of YOUR plan.

A fast and intuitive approach to brainstorming using simplified mind-mapping techniques. A distinguished smart feature enables multiple maps to be aggregated instantly for immediate “playback” to a group. Perfect for company conventions, events or meetings for 5 or 500 people! Pelotoning successfully captures ideas from free-thinking open discussion, or structured debate on targeted critical business issues.

DPI’s Pelotoning is a free app designed for multiple corporate users within the context of company events or workshops.

How to access?
If you are ready to download this app for a corporate event which has been discussed with DPI, have your username and password ready and click install.

If you are interested in using this app for your organisation contact DPI for more details.